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The Top 4 Free PowerPoint Maker Applications On The Web

A lot of people think that PowerPoint is the be all and end all of presentation software. Thankfully, we live in a time where application development has boomed and there are plenty of other free an cheap options out there now to choose from.

Here is a list of the top four free powerpoint maker applications out there today:

OpenOffice Impress

The most popular and powerful free office suite, OpenOffice gives you just about everything that Microsoft Office does at no cost.  Their presentation application is called Impress, and it works just like Powerpoint.  It is extremely powerful and gives you a ton of options to create a beautiful Powerpoint presentation.


Prezi makes online prezentations fun.  Rather than just moving from slide to slide, Prezi lets you tell a story with information.  In essence, your entire presentation is on one canvas, but depending on how you zoom in, zoom out, pan, or move the canvas determines where your presentation is taking your audience.  There are free and paid plans.


Sliderocket is an online powerpoint presentation maker that not only lets you do cool things like add HD video to your presentation, it also gives you a ton of metrics.  When you are giving a presentation online, Sliderocket tells you just about everything that your viewers are doing, which lets you optimize your presentations to deliver maximum impact.  Like Prezi, there are free and paid plans.

Google Docs (Drive)

Last but not least, Google Docs.  This is an online app that doesn’t get enough credit.  I have created and delivered some amazing and high quality presentations using Google’s online office sweet.  The best part about it is that they are constantly updating it, so you know that even though they may not have everything that you need now, they will eventually.  Oh, and it’s COMPLETELY FREE.


There are so many options out there now.  Rather than having to fork out a lot of money, you can make some killer presentations or even create a screencast to help give your audience a great experience.

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