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The Top 4 Free PowerPoint Maker Applications On The Web

A lot of people think that PowerPoint is the be all and end all of presentation software. Thankfully, we live in a time where application development has boomed and there are plenty of other free an cheap options out there now to choose from.

Here is a list of the top four free powerpoint maker applications out there today:

OpenOffice Impress

The most popular and powerful free office suite, OpenOffice gives you just about everything that Microsoft Office does at no cost.  Their presentation application is called Impress, and it works just like Powerpoint.  It is extremely powerful and gives you a ton of options to create a beautiful Powerpoint presentation.


Prezi makes online prezentations fun.  Rather than just moving from slide to slide, Prezi lets you tell a story with information.  In essence, your entire presentation is on one canvas, but depending on how you zoom in, zoom out, pan, or move the canvas determines where your presentation is taking your audience.  There are free and paid plans.


Sliderocket is an online powerpoint presentation maker that not only lets you do cool things like add HD video to your presentation, it also gives you a ton of metrics.  When you are giving a presentation online, Sliderocket tells you just about everything that your viewers are doing, which lets you optimize your presentations to deliver maximum impact.  Like Prezi, there are free and paid plans.

Google Docs (Drive)

Last but not least, Google Docs.  This is an online app that doesn’t get enough credit.  I have created and delivered some amazing and high quality presentations using Google’s online office sweet.  The best part about it is that they are constantly updating it, so you know that even though they may not have everything that you need now, they will eventually.  Oh, and it’s COMPLETELY FREE.


There are so many options out there now.  Rather than having to fork out a lot of money, you can make some killer presentations or even create a screencast to help give your audience a great experience.


One of the most powerful and underrated tools out there is Google Docs.  While most people are used to Microsoft Powerpoint dominating the presentation landscape, Google has made a really powerful tool that you can use to not only create amazing presentations, but collaborate on them for free.

As you can see in the above video, it’s a pretty powerful thing.  Of course, the best part is that it is free.

I’ve seen people use Google’s presentation software for public speaking, training and sales screencasts, and also for pretty cool animated shorts like the video below.

So if you are looking for something that is free and can do just about everything else that PowerPoint can, definitely check out Google Docs. Once you are done with your creation, you can save it in Powerpoint, Keynote, PDF, and a whole bunch of other formats too – so it’s not just for PC users.


In the last post on PowerPoint Maker we talked about how why you may want to consider a free alternative PowerPoint Maker for your presentations.  Well, in this post we are going to talk about why you may want to consider spending a little money learning how to take your presentation skills to a whole new level – worldwide.

Powerpoint Maker Software and the Power of Screencasting

Working a room is one thing, but working the entire world as a Powerpoint maker is another.  Yes, it’s a great thing to learn how to present in front of a couple of people, but think of the possibilities you have if you were to record the knowledge that you have and share it with the world.

Deliver Information Products as a PowerPoint Maker

With screencasting, you can take your powerpoint maker presentations and make them into an information product that can be sold while you sleep, you can teach with a PowerPoint maker application  people halfway across the world, or you can train your staff on how to work effectively.  Although most people think of using PowerPoint maker software for in-person teaching, the amazing extensibility of screencasting with PowerPoint maker software is something that most people ignore.

Take Your Presentations To The Next Level

Rather than just create a presentation, why not create an experience?  Whether you are a college student that wants to make some side income, a real estate agent that wants to give an update to your clients, or a business professional that wants to take their knowledge and give it to the entire world, learning to screencast like a professional is the way to help you do that.

Rather than spending days, weeks, or months learning how to create a professional screencast with PowerPoint Maker Software, there is a great product that will help you to create amazing products in only a few hours .  The best part is, once you learn how to do it, you’ll never forget it!

A Great Powerpoint Maker Can Earn Revenue for Teaching Others

Even though you may not think that what you know is valuable, there are plenty of people out there are would love to know what you know.  Whether it’s scrapbooking, woodworking, or how to play a musical instrument, using Powerpoint Maker software to deliver online information products is something that can be very lucrative if done correctly!

There are plenty of folks out there that run blogs and other websites that teach small hobbies to others.  They build a community, create presentations with Powerpoint Maker Software, and get paid to do it.  They benefit because they are able to bring in some revenue for their family, and their viewers benefit because they learn how to do something that they have always wanted to learn.

With all of that being said, whether it’s free PowerPoint maker software or paid, you owe it to yourself to start sharing your knowledge with others for a profit!  With a little persistence, you can become the ultimate Powerpoint Maker.

If you want to start the first steps to becoming a professional PowerPoint maker, checkout the site at the following link : Screencast Secrets: Screencast like a pro!


A controversial subject like using a free open source presentation suite creates powerful emotions in several folks, on either side, for and against. These kinds of topics often arouse such heat and fervent advocacy that it’s hard to get past the feelings to the facts, but nonetheless, using dispassionate logical analysis is preferred. A good analysis would require a dispassionate examination of both sides and also the reasons in support of positions. Let’s calmly look at both the pros and the cons about utilizing a free presentation software:

All set to go? Let’s start then. First the positions in favor and the reasons supporting:

The first point in support of using an open source presentation suite, like Open Office, will be the price. We live in a time where getting things for free is more and more common – and we are used to the price of software being low cost or totally free.

The second supporting point is going to be flexibility. When the community that uses these open source types of software want something changed, they change it.

The 3rd supporting point will be extensibility. Most open source PowerPoint maker software allow you to extend the capabilities of the application through modules or plugins.

A fourth big benefit is platform availability. Because most open source applications are developed by a community, they are often re-coded to be used on Linux, PCs, and Macs.

Lastly, the 5th point is the WOW factor. You tend to be “out of the norm” when you use these types of tools, and often that comes with a sense being set apart from the rest of your friends.

For balance then let’s listen to the opposite side, those opposed, the “Con” side:

The very first point in contra for using an open source presentation suite is going to be quality. Although many free applications out there have great quality, a lot don’t. When you buy something it tends to have more quality built-in.

The second point in contra ?s going to be lack of support. Although there are thriving communities, open source software support tends to only be forum-based.

A third significant point against is project funding. Unless there is a strong business model behind the application, you run the risk of the software becoming unfunded and unsupported.

Your fourth point against is bugs and glitches. Every open source – and paid applications – have glitches. The downside is that coupled with the lack of support, you could be waiting a long time to get those bugs fixed.

5th and lastly, against is if you run a business – you need to ensure that your software is top-notch. If not, you could lose revenue..

That’s it, the pros and the cons, the points in favor as well as the points against.

Finally then, what’s the “bottom line” here? Is using an open source presentation suite good or bad?

We’ve got a “Yes” response to both questions! using an open source presentation application is a blend of of good and bad… You , the reader will need to pick which side, the pro or the con, outweighs the other…


Some rules are Golden, not to be forgotten because they always apply. Always to get used and recognised simply because they guide us and point out our coordinates and keep us on point, moving in an appropriate direction.

When you define your goals, begin looking for the Golden Rules that apply to it. Chart your course by these Golden Rules and allow them to steer you to achievement and success.

Here’s the 5 Golden Rules to create a powerpoint presentation that will skyrocket your career.

Golden Rule # 1, Use Engaging and Emotion Provoking Images. The tried and tested purpose of doing it in this way is to not use the cheesy clipart that typically comes with presentation software. You need to use brilliant stock photos that relate to what you are saying. Remember, we are visual learners, and a picture goes a lot further than a paragraph of text.

Golden Rule # 2, Don’t Use More Than Three Bullet-Points. You will want to watch out in this area because it’s easy to get carried away with information. And you have to take into account that people are there to see you present and not to read what’s on the screen.

Golden Rule # 3, Use Humor When You Can. Why you will want to do something that makes other poeple laugh is because it generates trust. One you’ve made them laugh, they’ll listen to every word you have to say afterward.

Golden Rule # 4, Try to Tell a Story That Makes Your Point. You may do this by relaying an anecdote that illustrates why what you are saying is important, or by borrowing a story from someone else. We love to hear stories that evoke a sense of emotion in us, and those emotions cause us to buy into the pwerson we are listening to.

Golden Rule # 5, Be Confident and Answer Questions. Ways to achieve this step include practicing in front of your friends to see what questions they have at the end of your presentation. You can also write down and practice questions that you initially had when you were learning the things you are now teaching.. You’ll want to accomplish this carefully. It could backfire if you aren’t flexible and confident enough answer questions that you’ve never heard before..

Have confidence in these Golden Rules to create a powerpoint presentation that will skyrocket your career. They’re time tested and found to be true. Follow them and your ultimate success could be much more likely and the results far more satisfying.